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PCB copy board: mass customization helper

Release time:2015-07-31 11:16:48

  The pace of development of new technologies is always beyond people's imagination, as people increasingly demand personalized, companies face the challenge of increasingly complex. Consumers by providing enterprise-way product selection is not met, the market began to enter a customization to meet consumer demand era. However, between customization and standardization of mass production there is a natural conflict, therefore, companies often have to choose between two strategies: either to provide low-cost products or services through large-scale standardized production, or provide higher cost of goods or services through customized production of small scale. So, is there another choice? Mass customization of helper --PCB copied board impeccable!
Mass Customization and large-scale manufacturing of difference
Mass Customization (MassCustomization) is the customization of products and services, large-scale production. It is the difference between the traditional large-scale manufacturing is that mass production is increased by adding product attributes customers the right to choose, and mass customization is to build customized combination of product sub-module basis. The PCB copy board technology components and modules to increase the replacement would be very suitable for mass customization, and through the process of restructuring and reorganization of the module can be quickly converted or partially converted to mass production. Therefore, it can be said PCB copy board is to achieve mass customization is a good helper.
PCB copy board standardization is a prerequisite Customization
As we all know, the premise even more variety to achieve mass customization production is standardized and efficient mixing, as well as a set of very strict information system support. In this regard, we can easily think of PCB copy board design simulation. PCB copy board reverse the restoration process, providing a complete set of PCB files, BOM list, schematic files, such as full technical production for us. Based on these data, we conducted PCB to board and secondary development, can be a good custom PCB board to control the processing of the body with the original tooling is the same, so that it can carry on the same production line SMT process. In this way, the module can be used to produce a variety of choices to meet with the needs of different users differentiated car, but also allows the module (but no longer is part module) significantly reduced the number.
Batch Replace components and modules for customization of Difficult
Faced with customization, demand for small orders we do not do anything more variety, and in fact some of the copy board industry experts have found and practice the results are good solutions. It is reported that Karen satisfied Micro Technology Co., PCB copy board services team (www.jiemiic.com/) supporting services including the problematic devices and module replacement. BOM in the long-term production and analysis, constant micro gained admittance parameters and detailed information on tens of thousands of components in customization can be found in a variety of suitable devices to be replaced, and to ensure its irreplaceable. Meanwhile, the constant micro-nano also provide PCB to board, SI simulation analysis, parts procurement, IC chip decryption and reverse design a complete solution to protect the entire development process, supply chain and production processes foolproof.
Since we can not stop the coming of customization and small quantities of many varieties of the times, why do not we embrace it? Although PCB copy board technology In the majority opinion are low-end technology, but as the saying goes, "a first-class company to do the standard, second-rate company to do technology, third-rate companies to do the production." Doing a large-scale standardized production, we also It could be a dark horse to conquer the whole industry.

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