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Independent intellect property

In recent years, Rothwell has undertook national torch program technology project, Jiangsu technology support program, Jiangsu province industrial transformation and upgrading special funds program, Jiangsu province industrialization and informatization fusion special support program. Jiangsu province key technology achievement transformation project and series provincial technology program R&D tasks.Also we have accomplished fine economic effects and accumulated a batch of independent IP.

Currently, 18 independent developed products of our products awarded as “Jiangsu province high-tech products”, our auto warm air blower became “Jiangsu province famous brand product”, one of our product rewarded as “Jiangsu province excellent new product”,and one got “JIangsu province independent innovation product”.We have 10 invention patents, 10 invention authorized patents, 35  authorized utility model new patents and 40 software copyright certificates.

Our Automotive CAN bus control system won "2014 Yangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award."