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Talent Concept

Principles I: Talents must be equipped with proper integrity. 

Principle II: personnel capability weights more than education background.
Company will appoint talent of real capability with high position no matter the education background or age. In Rohtwell, the ages of company
technicians and middle management personnel are around 35. The basic workshop management staffs are at the age of 30. Although they are young
and some of them don’t have high education background, to company, they are full of passion and have real accomplishments. Company talent theory has
made a lot of talents stand out and become the main force of company development. 

There is an old Chinese saying “the real jade would be heated for 3 days until we know the purity; the real good wood would be identified only let the tree
grows for 7 years ”. That is the same attitude we towards to talents. We would like to place talents into our workshop production line for a while to gain
working experiences before putting him/her into promotion.   

We respect the competition system. And we believe talent could only be outstanding through this way.

We put a high value for every talent. We always think one man can make max contribution if he/she was placed into proper position.  

By sticking to those principles, we let everybody full display his talent and promote the rapid and continuous development to the company.