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As a professional automotive electronic manufacturing enterprise, Rothwell consistently adhere to technology innovation and high quality products to lead the market and its development. R&D headquarter is in Yangzhou, we have set up the branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu.The total amount of employees in our technical team accounts for 1/3 of the whole company.We are introducing various kinds of technical professionals at the same time increasing the input of development platform and design tools year by year.We put into use the PDM engineering data management system, Remote collaborative development platform and various kinds of labs, we use high educated computer software talents to focus on our  automotive body electronic insert software research and development in order to constantly improve our independent innovation ability.

Rothwell pays a lot of attention to raise our R&D capability and talent cultivation efforts. Besides Yangzhou R&D center, we also have R&D branches located in Shanghai and Beijing. The staff number of our technical group, which includes R&D, engineering and testing assessment takes more than 1/3 of the whole group's total population.   
Company is increasing its investment in research platform and design methods. The PDM system, the remote collaborative development platform and various labs are being put into use in order to realize continuous improvement of self-innovation.