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Rothwell will endeavor to achieve its goal of 5 billion RMB income in 2021 by strictly adhering to its policy of“innovation drive, structure adjustment, product upgrading and globalization”, take good advantage of the continuously improving assembly rate of  auto electronics and the rapid development of auto industry.  
Insist on the expansion road which is growth-based and the core of auto electronics integrative industry, together develop relevant business in order to make Rothwell a tier one auto electronic enterprise has strong technology capability which are also intelligent and green.    

Industry analysis:
International industrial transfer speeding up, active merger&acquisition.
★Global sourcing leads the trend
★Raising standard to auto part industry from whole vehicle company
★Automotive electrical systems, the  most promising part among component products value chain, its value ratio will increase to 30% from 15% in whole vehicle.
★Domestic auto part market will keep on growing. Based on currently 8% annual increase, we estimate the whole auto part marking share will be amounted to ¥500 billion in the year of 2020.

Future expectation:  
Now Chinese economy is trended to be stabilized and recovered. Rothwell will seize the domestic and international opportunity to realize its own development. We will achieve our IPO in Korea and deepen its cooperation with all parts. We will develop our products into intelligent, comfortable, environment-friendly and information-exchange-networked direction to provide better driving experience for customers. Meanwhile, by M &A methods, we will try our best to internationalize our company to server overseas vehicle ventures.