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Career Development

Development plan
We believe it’s the company’s responsibility to help its staffs to plan his career to realize company’s long term development. Rothwell trains people with working skills and help them to deign his career development plan. By doing this on the one hand we reduced the employee turnover rate and on the other hand we achieved the sustainable development of company human resources.

Employee self-assessment for career development
We help staffs to realize job expectation mainly by several ways below:
Employee self-assessment for career development. It means staffs chose his career developing method based on his capability interest and personnel character.

Company assessment
Company makes the career development for staff based on his capability and potential. The main data is from staff job performance achievements. Company assessment is usually done by company HR personnel or staff’s direct management superior.

Job info distribution
If staff wants to development his career, he then must be able to access the job opportunity info. Rothwell provides staffs with company development and job vacant info through various platforms to assist staffs to achieve their career expectations.

Career consultation
Company provide staffs with career consultation when they facing job promotion, hopping, transferring to settle their puzzles during career development.

Career exploration
It could be viewed as a series of activities of official, non-official education, training or job experience. It’s helpful for a staff to equipped with qualification for future higher position and job transferring.